2014 Plans

We intend to build on our success!


Plans for 2014 include:

  1. A quiet corner – children need a ‘curl up’ or ‘calm down’ area where they know they can be supported, or take time to sort out their feelings.
  2. Develop the computer area – data sticks for children to borrow, a new display board listing interesting websites and ideas and new, age appropriate games.
  3. More outdoor toys, such as scooters!
  4. Look at how we can help families that use Slippers regularly.
  5. A story telling armchair!
  6. A mud kitchen in the garden – with real mud! (Sorry!)

Possible Trip to Pantomime 2014/15

Please let me know if anyone would be interested in a coach trip to Panto next year? This could be a family visit – or, if not possible, perhaps Slippers staff would be available to supervise some children at the panto, or give parents an afternoon shopping?
Just let us know so we can gauge interest!

Panto Day

As this is a staff training day, prior to the return to school on Tuesday 7th, Slippers is offering a Panto Day for the children!
All the fun of stage performances and prop making!
This theme will continue for the remainder of the first week, as the children always suggest new characters to put in the performance!